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California Earthquake Insurance

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Southern California is Earthquake Country
As a California Insurance Company, we’ve come to know quite a bit about earthquakes—making us experts at insuring the risks associated with them. We all have heard that we’re past due for “The Big One” – its been over 150 years (1857) since the last major earthquake—yet only a very small percentage of homeowners actually purchase earthquake insurance.

Every year approximately 500 earthquakes occur in the state of California that are large enough to be felt.  San Diego County, in comparison to other southern California areas, has spars seismicity.  However, since 1984, earthquake activity in San Diego County has doubled over that of the preceding 50 years.

As your trusted California insurance agents we know that homeowners deal with earthquake fears on a daily basis; yet only 12% of residents currently have an earthquake insurance policy. With the chance of earthquakes a regular part of California life – and the frequency of more damaging quakes rising – why the lack of protection?

At Leavitt Insurance Agency of San Diego we understand that navigating your way through the insurance industry can be difficult, and determining the best earthquake coverage for your home may seem daunting, so that’s why we are here to offer help.

With so many policy options and degrees of coverage to choose from it’s not surprising that California homeowners get overwhelmed. At Leavitt Insurance Agency of San Diego our years of extensive experience and high-quality insurance knowledge have equipped us with the ability to craft custom, top-of-the-line earthquake packages.

Whether you want to focus on protecting the structure of your home, or want a plan that offers coverage for the contents and additional living expenses in the event of a truly ruthless quake, the rest assured because at Leavitt Insurance Agency of San Diego we can help tailor a plan specifically to you!

Contact us today, one of our dedicated insurance professionals would be happy to help answer your questions regarding our California Earthquake Insurance packages.

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