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As a California business owner you’ve worked hard to build a strong, profitable enterprise. After all of the hard work and dedication you’ve put into it, why allow yourself to stress over its future?

At Leavitt Insurance Agency of San Diego we can help you ensure the continued function of your business venture in the event that a key member within the organization passes away. Our California Business Life Insurance provides coverage that can help make a difficult situation much easier to manage.

The purpose of Business Life Insurance is to assist the you company with the various factors that arise when an owner or major executive is no longer around to handle and perform his or her customary responsibilities. In its simplest terms, Business Life Insurance oftentimes is considered “key person insurance” – meant to insure the life of owners or executives whom are critical to the company’s success and overall operations.

While all of us at Leavitt Insurance realize that Business Life Insurance certainly cannot fill the void left by the death of a valued, influential member of your enterprise, however it can provide your company with the financial resources that can be put toward finding and training a new employee or employees. Additionally Business Life Insurance can help to cover the expenses of temporarily hiring consultants or other temp services to assist with the continuation of company operations.

As with any business insurance policy it’s important to keep in mind that every business owner and business venture is unique—exactly why your coverage must be as well. Contact Leavitt Insurance today and allow us to help you customize a Business Life Insurance plan that works for you. Don’t allow your company’s future to be at stake, give us a call today!

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