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Being your trusted California insurance agents we know that reality of earthquake risk. Earthquakes are truly devastating natural events and from the business standpoint, these natural disasters represent the worst kind of risk—the uncontrollable, unpreventable threat.

As a California business owner you know that earthquakes cannot be prevented, nor can they be stopped. Building codes can be updated to help protect structures but according to the California Department of Insurance, earthquake claims on average exceed $12 Billion. However even though as California residents we face the impending risk of earthquakes, only about 12% of us purchase Earthquake Insurance.

Commercial Earthquake coverage can be purchased both as an endorsement to the standard business owners policy or as a separate policy on its own. The endorsement covers damages directly caused by shaking during a quake, including structural building damages and damage to the property. As a separate policy, Commercial Earthquake Insurance makes sense for larger businesses aiming to save premiums overall on their business coverage.

Here at Leavitt Insurance Agency of San Diego we can help you determine the exact level of earthquake coverage you need to properly insure your business from this looming natural event. We can are trained to take into account the age of buildings and types of structure – whether the framing consists of wood, brick or stone – and secure you the most effective overage with the best premium rates.

Have further questions about your business’ need for Commercial Earthquake Insurance? Give us a call, out expert insurance professional are here to help, and will take the time to walk you through the process of securing reliable California Commercial Earthquake coverage.

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